The Week in Retrospect (Nov 3-9)

From South American economy to Singapore’s smartphone craze, this week’s hottest news are summed up right here for you!

Shaping an ASEAN identity : Who, what, where is ASEAN? As political leaders strive towards greater economic integration, the question of the identity of ASEAN is more socially complex, and may not be a concept which can simply be brought about through legislation and policies.

Singapore number one for smartphone adoption: According to a global study released by Google, Singapore is at the top of the pack for smartphone adoption in the world. The 85 per cent smartphone adoption rate underscores a need for businesses in Singapore to optimise their communications strategy for mobile devices.

Emerging markets starting to tumble: Could recent policy changes mark the beginning of the end for Brazil and Russia? Central Banks of both nations have begun shying away from their glory days as part of “BRICs” as they struggle to fight inflation and counter political aftermaths.

4 Ways to counter negative comments online : Small-business owners spend good money on advertising, media relations and other promotional materials to increase brand awareness and control the conversation surrounding the business, but negative feedback from others may sway consumers’ opinions. Check out some tips that will outline some of the best practices for handling bad reviews.


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