The Week in Retrospect (Nov 17-23)

With a promising SGX IPO cancelled, further problems for taxi app Uber and China signalling a move away from coal, the past week has been a dynamic one.

Singapore’s most prominent IPO in November is cancelled: Trans-Cab pulled the plug on their IPO efforts at the eleventh hour, leaving investors fuming.

Three Thai industries noted for their global potential: Three industries were picked out in particular for the credibility and recognition they hold. However, strategies for industries going international will differ vastly.

Asia is about to enter new golden era, says academic: three crucial factors will come together to launch Asia’s growth. Meanwhile, “2015 will be a year of two halves” for Singapore’s economy.

Singapore ranked friendliest for businesses in 2014: The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Business Environment Rankings 2014 returns this year with Singapore on top of the list and BRICs faring poorly.

China needs to cap coal consumption by 2020: China’s cabinet released details of an energy strategy to cap coal consumption at 4.2bn tons and to ensure coal makes up no more than 62% of the primary energy mix by 2020.

Africa’s Ebola-free countries struggle to attract tourists: The Ebola outbreak has claimed over 5,400 lives, but the vast majority of Africa remains uninfected. Nevertheless, for fear of the disease, tourists have been avoiding many African countries, with 40-70% drop-offs in hotel bookings.

Executive nurses Uber’s headaches: From poaching drivers and surge pricing to privacy concerns and misogynistic comments, Uber has long been courting controversy. In this week’s latest misfire, senior Vice President Emil Michael attempts to weather rocky public relations.


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