I want to thank you for joining us as we celebrate the inaugural launch of The Dialogue. By reading this blog, you have honoured my team and I, where BDO’s Management Consulting Services (MCS) is strengthened throughout its history by the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and service, and by its openness to people from around the world that share MCS’s remarkable culture of empowering businesses and engineering success.

Through your visit to this blog, you are stating your encouragement for MCS to continue embodying everything that is good and principled about business growth. I humbly recognise that I am just the steward of something much bigger than myself, and much bigger than all of us. I am the temporary guardian of a business consulting team that means so much to so many, and in that capacity, I sincerely thank you all for being here. As a plus, I would like to offer a special greeting to those reading this blog of whom are also MCS’s ever growing, living alumni — the successful SMEs and Listed Companies in Singapore and beyond .

The sole purpose of The Dialogue by BDO Consultants is to shape minds and create knowledge. At the same time, we aspire to serve as superb catalysts for innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth.

Today as businesses face grave problems around rising operating costs, everchanging competitive landscape, talent attraction and retention; the creative force of knowledge is more precious more than ever. However, businesses are also facing the transformation of knowledge, which has the potential to reshape our minds and challenge our very beliefs in business practices. In our attempt to respond, we get stuck in a toss-up between risks and opportunities.

Today, the idea of engaging knowledge is no longer new, but it is particularly serious and powerful. We face uncertainties in ensuring knowledge is used in an apt and appropriate manner. With the birth of The Dialogue, we are keen to offer our readers timely and relevant information, in a comprehensive and convenient manner.

In this new era of online information diffusion, BDO has already made its mark globally. My goal now is to position The Dialogue, together with our partner institutions, as a creative hub. We want to be recognised as a reliable source for insights and to mobilise knowledge that can serve both our own clients and businesses everywhere.

Let me conclude now by sharing this:

To all of clients: I come from you, and I am one of you. We share the same principles and values. To all other readers: Thank you for your support and shared commitment.

Most importantly, to all members of the remarkable blog community: we are all in this great journey together. We have a great deal to accomplish, and the world is waiting. So let’s get started.

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