Branding Trends and Predictions for 2015 [By Vanessa Teo]

2014 is all but over, so brands are now turning their attentions to 2015. What challenges does the New Year hold and how will your business face them? Here we look at three trends that we think will continue to be big news in the coming year.

The Increasing Role of Video

The prominence of video content will continue to increase exponentially in 2015. In this age of hyper-individualism, people want to do business with people. Speaking to an audience directly and placing human faces behind your brand will be an absolute necessity in 2015, particularly in sectors that have been hit with a lack of consumer trust. The opportunities with video will be broader than previously imagined. Video will help brands connect with consumers and breathe life into their brand promise. Producing short and engaging video content that consumers find useful, timely and interesting, rather than merely hoping a TV ad will go viral, will be standard practice in 2015.

The Rise of Mobile Optimisation

As the trend of using mobile devices, such as tablets and phones, continue to be the main source of most consumers’ daily lives, making sure the online marketing experience is one of delight rather than disappointment and frustration will be an important goal within the upcoming year. Companies that have mobile optimized websites will fare better than those that continue to choose to ignore this fast growing user experience.

Customer Experience Will Differentiate Brands

Next year, brands will have to show they have substance to back up their promise. Those that do so will endure. People want to create deeper relationships with brands. To nurture that relationship, brands will have to use data for the benefit of the customer, not the brand. The last few years has been all about collecting and understanding data, thereby making 2015 the year that brands learn how to utilise the data for their customers’ benefit. The days of brands competing with other brands within category is over. Core products are coming together and the space within which they compete is the same. The customer experience that brands deliver will differentiate them from one another. Customers are now looking for an experience with a brand rather than being talked at. They want to be included in the conversation. Companies that understand this difference will grow from cultivating their brand advocates and those that don’t, will be left behind.

By Vanessa Teo

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