The Week in Retrospect (Dec 29 – Jan 4)

The New Year is here with our latest news round-up of new regulations, new technologies and sadly, new tragedies.

New Year – New Business Regulations: A range of alterations in the regulatory sphere is set to affect many businesses. The meaning of “small companies” changes to exempt more companies from statutory audit, whilst the 20-cent minimum trading price will affect listed companies.

Seamless surfing to be tested at MRT stations: A new network will go on trial early next year at MRT stations to allow commuters to surf seamlessly at up to 1Gbps with no fears of disruptions. It will enable users to hop between 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks during disruptions or when surfing is slow on one network.

Google self-driving car prototype ready to hit the road: Google announced that the first completed prototype of its self-driving car, without standard features such as a steering wheel, is ready to be road tested.

Tony Fernandes sets example for crisis management: As AirAsia deals with its recent tragedy, Tony Fernandes catapults to center stage with effective PR approaches and gains approval.

China demands answers after New Year’s tragedy: As questions of police control surround Shanghai deadly stampede on New Year’s Eve, the disaster served as a wake-up call that despite its economic prowess, “China is still a developing country which has fragile social management.”


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