The Week in Retrospect (Jan 12-18)

The news this week feature Gen Z’s employment needs, Honda’s ambitions, Samsung’s new OS, Facebook’s new app launch and China’s slowing economy

Employers not ready for Gen Z workers: Less than half of Singapore employees believe their organisations are well prepared to meet the needs of Generation Z workers, according to a Randstad survey report. A desire for greater work-life balance, increased workplace flexibility and more rapid advancement opportunities are highlighted as Generation Z workers’ main demands.

Honda: This will be our year: The automaker has declared 2015 “The year of Honda” after 2014 left it wanting. With a line-up of new products, the company is ready to get back on track.

Samsung launches own OS smartphone in India: The Z1 is Samsung’s newest smartphone and has been launched for sale in India. At only S$120, it runs Samsung’s own operating system Tizen and claims to have faster boot times and longer battery life than other budget phones on the market.

Facebook releases new social app for enterprises: The public pilot of ‘Facebook at Work’ is now available for selected companies to “make our work day more efficient”. Facebook is looking at the Enterprise Social market as its new avenue of expansion.

China’s GDP growth hit 24-year low in 2014: Economists forecast the world’s second-largest economy to expand by 7.3%, “its weakest rate in more than two decades, down from 7.7% in 2013. It seems that Chinese economy is approaching a “new normal” of slower expansion and economic restructuring.


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