The Week in Retrospect (Feb 2-8)

From Uber to Temasek, we’ve got it all covered right here!

The Uberpreneur: How an Uber driver makes US$252,000 a year: Entrepreneurs are turning to ridesharing application Uber to promote their fledgling businesses, an unconventional way to cultivate quality leads.

Drone waiters take trial flight at Timbre: The future is here, as bar-cum-restaurant Timbre @ The Substation showcased the new drone waiters that will help deliver food to customers. Timbre Group’s Managing Director Edward Chia said the time saved by waiters not having to run in and out of the kitchen could free them up to concentrate on taking orders and requests from customers.

9,000 SMEs received support from SPRING in 2014: 12,000 projects were rolled out by SPRING and its affiliates to help 9,000 SMEs boost productivity and growth in 2014.

Opportunities for Singapore companies in the Philippines on the rise: With growing demand for consumer goods and infrastructure development in the Philippines, there will be more opportunities for Singapore companies.

Temasek gets defensive against S&P : Following S&P’s recent classification of Singapore in November as a ‘nation that may run out of cash’ alongside Hong Kong and Cyprus, Temasek has retaliated with a 29-page feedback, defending the triple-A nation’s financial standing. Unfortunately, this document was not disclosed to public.

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