The Week In Retrospect [Feb 9-15]

Hiking costs this CNY aside, the hits and misses from the week’s news goes from Google’s misforecasting to Ukraine’s fat bailout by the IMF! With the recent Sony hack, companies ought to up their gear when it comes to cyber security.

What startups need to do to be cybersecure in 2015: Many big companies fell victim to data breaches in the past year, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to take steps to secure their data.

Sorry Putin, the world is with Ukraine: The IMF has announced the extension of an emergency bailout to help the besieged nation of Ukraine, following the statement released by Christine Lagarde. Ukraine has been struggling since the 2014 revolution and the intrusion of Russia.

Chinese New Year dishes to cost more: The home-cooked reunion dinner next Wednesday will cost more this year, as Chinese New Year favourites have become more expensive. Reasons for the price hikes include a supply fall due to overfishing or less rainfall, higher demand from restaurants and a stronger US dollar.

China’s answer to Google misses fourth quarter forecasts: Baidu, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, saw its shares tumble as news broke of its failure to hit market forecasts of 14.12b yuan in revenue due to increased use of mobiles over PCs.