The background

In Hong Kong, the popularity of home-grown chains such as Café de Coral, Fairwood and Maxim poses a significant risk for an international brand like McDonald’s.

A strategy that McDonald’s has adopted to remain competitive is the introduction of customer-centric marketing campaigns to engage its target audience and ensure the brand maintains top-of-mind awareness. I’m Amazing was one such ingenious campaign that was launched in 2012 to reconnect the brand with children and families.

The idea

Understanding that children’s summers are often filled with tuition classes and extracurricular activities, McDonald’s introduced a light-hearted and novel initiative to appeal to families.

McDonald’s gave children an activity that let them express their creativity and showed their parents how amazing their kids could be when they were allowed to just be kids. McDonald’s asked, “If you could build the McDonald’s of your dreams, what would it look like?”

Through an interactive website, children and parents could draw a design using the online colouring crayons, or upload an image or video. To expand creativity beyond digital devices, drawings on paper could also be submitted at McDonald’s restaurants.

The designs were rated by the public, and the 22 most popular ones were used to build the world’s first McDonald’s restaurant that was entirely designed by kids, for kids.

To give children an opportunity to help other children, McDonald’s auctioned the items in the restaurant to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The exposure

I’m Amazing focused on the energy and dynamism of youth. In line with this, its range of advertising portrayed children having fun while exercising their creativity.

The campaign ran on multiple channels – online, TV, print, outdoor and direct – that drove traffic to the interactive website.

The outcome

I’m Amazing garnered multiple positive results:

  • HKD 5.2 million in earned media
  • Over 10,000 entries within three weeks
  • Close to 600,000 votes for the designs
  • Sold all items in the store and raised HKD 400,000 for charity

More importantly, beyond monetary returns, there were thousands of happy children and parents who learnt about the value of imagination and enjoyed the creative process together during the course of the campaign.

By Oriana Cheung

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