We Are Creatures Of Habit – Consistency Is Key To Building Strong Brands [By Priscilla Choo]

Every single one of us come into contact with hundreds of brands every day. From the moment we wake up from a good night’s rest, we find ourselves leaving our King Koil bed and heading to the bathroom to use an Oral-B toothbrush topped with Darlie toothpaste while putting on our Acuvue contact lenses. We then don our favourite suit from Ben Sherman or our favourite dress from Zara, pick up our Hugo Boss or Prada bag before heading to the kitchen to pour out some Post Blueberry Morning cereal complete with Meiji milk. We grab our Thermos flask filled with coffee fresh from our Nespresso machine and then grab our keys to head out via our Mercedes-Benz sports car, Volvo bus or Comfort cab.

And the morning had only just begun.

We could go on, but we believe you get the drift.

We are all creatures of habit – which is why we choose to go back to the same brands that we are so familiar with. And that is also why the best brands are those who are able to get into the daily habits of consumers. If you sell cereal, you would want to be the breakfast cereal brand that your consumers return to every single day.

While brands today crave to be exciting, interesting and adaptable in catering to consumers’ ever-changing needs, an equally important but often forsaken factor that leads to the building of strong and lasting brands is this – consistency. To slip into consumers’ daily routine, brands themselves have to build good habits. There is a need to create that consistent brand experience and to cry out the same message time and time again over multiple points of contact until consumers actually get it.

Consistency builds trust. And trust? Loyalty.

Yes, that new café down the street is seeing an endless stream of customers even though they charge ten times more than you. Yet, novelty dies out. Whether the new café is able to build its brand to last pass its initial fad depends on its ability to consistently deliver the same brand experience – consumers would want to return to that café only if they knew that their eggs are poached perfectly, their coffee is just the right amount of acidic and bitter and their service staff is providing just the right amount of attention.

They do not like to disrupt their habits and brands likewise should keep up to those expectations of consistency in order to rise above its competitors.

Now all brands young and old, go ahead to be innovative, disruptive and offer your cutting edge product or service that no one has ever seen before. Go earn that piece of market share. But to keep it? Consistency is key.

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